Auszug diverser Kundenreaktionen zum SPECTRAN in Englisch (inkl. “Tippfehler”):

Steve E., USA:
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your model 6060 overall, and your warranty and upgrade policy in particular. I think it says a lot abtut a Company when they back their products like this. I wish more companies did. … In thirty plus years of doing technical stuff, I’ve never once felt the need or been compelled to compliment a manufactorer of hardware and software. Until now. Once again, very well done.

Richard B., USA:
Your units look absolutly wonderful! Nice engineering! … I like your design very much – it is very compact, and ergonomic. They look very “comfortable” to uze.

Justin B., USA:
Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Martyn K., Spanien:
I must say we are very impressed with what we see.

Roy R., England:
Im am very pleased and astounded by the technical capabilities fo your instrument. …thank you for a wonderfull instrument.

Greg K., USA:
…it worked very nicely … I am having a lot of fun with your lovely product. I can’t wait until the other unit arrives.

Ulrich H., Niederlande:
I am realy happy I have received the meter so fast…. I truly believe your device will safe many lifes.

Toshi T., Japan:
The results were excellent and we felt good reactions!

Richard B., USA:
The unit is very impressive with it’s performance.

Kevin M., USA:
Please tell the people at Aaronia AG that I was very favourably impressed with the quality and workmanship of your product. The packaging exceeded my expectations.